Our Mission

Our mission is to have as much fun as possible recreating in the Pigeon River Country State Forest and surrounding area while leaving it better than we found it through conservation, education and outreach.

Our Vision and Plan

Our vision is to be a new kind of conservation organization.  No membership dues, no fundraising banquets, no meetings planning meetings, no excessive bureaucracy, no BS.  Just a conservation to-do list for like-minded folks who love the Pigeon River Country State Forest and surrounding area, and want to give back to the best place on earth.

Our focus is on the outcome, not our identity.

In other words, we’re not an angler picking up litter from the river– we’re just cleaning up the river.  We’re not a backpacker clearing a deadfall across a hiking trail– we’re just clearing the trail.

No one is going to fight for or take care of a place they’ve never heard of or don’t enjoy.  So the first step in achieving our mission is not only to tell people how great the PRC is, its to show them through mentorship and educational initiatives.

The other part is the to-do list, identifying and inventorying the conservation opportunities which are available in the PRC and surrounding area.  We will start small– cleaning up litter on roads/trails/streams, trail maintenance, etc.– and we will start cheap, identifying projects that don’t cost anything to complete.  And we will build from there.

Like What You Hear?

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